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MissWho – Thats kinda where im at. Out of college, two years into my career (which im already sick of… well just bored with my workplace) and no friends. Ive often talked with my ADD coach about trying to make friends but I just can’t do it. I do like to make things. I do macrame and I love beads and rocks. Been trying to wire wrap my rocks but dont have the patience to read or follow directions. Problem with my macrame is that it takes me along time because I can’t plan ahead. I make it up as I go then I choose to change one thing so I have to undo all my knots and then just get tired and stop. Classically, I have a lot of half done macrame projects.

Nellie- I do love listening to the birds. I love birds. When ever I go for hikes I bring my nature book with me and look at all the plants, bugs, trees and birds and try to identify them. I LOVE IT! Im really thinking about getting a small to medium sized dog to keep my company on my adventures!

Larynxa – HOW TO IRRITATE PEOPLE! YES! I LOOOOOOOOOVE IT!! They are AWESOME sketches! Yes I should just avoid the alcohol slope. I do have the right medication. On ADD meds plus anti-depressant (BOTH LIFE CHANGING!). I would love to go for walks but I am too scared of people and dont want to go alone. A dog is looking better and better each day. Though Ive never been much of a dog person. I prefer cats. But a cat on a leash doesnt work so well…