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I have a dog and three cats. Balances out the crazy cat lady thing. Which is funny because I’ve always been a dog person. I love having a dog to go do things with. Just make sure your ready for the commitment and I would choose a breed that fits your personality.

Personaly I rescue older dogs because they are already house broken and less hyper and don’t need a lot of training. I have a golden retriever. The temperament suits mine. My boyfriend had a pit bull mix and she was a great dog but I’m not that of an assertive type to keep that breed in line.Don’t get me wrong I love pits but I would have had problems.

Maybe even a smaller breed. If I remember right you live in the city? One good thing about a dog when I go to the dog parks it’s easy to talk to people because we are all talking about our dogs. I know the dogs name and have no idea what the owners names are.

Opps just read you are looking for a smaller breed. Think about a little older one form a shelter. It’s worked really well for me.