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MissWho – Yes I am looking for an older, trained small dog. Problem is, most small dogs I am finding just don’t suit my style. I don’t like the girly/poofy things! I like the look of the bull dogs, the pugs, I LOVE THE BASENJI! But I dont think they would suit me. I am planning on filling out one of those long out drawn adoption papers… they drive me nuts however:

“What will you feed the dog?” – I’m really excited that it will clean up after my sloppy eating!

“Where will your dog sleep?” – In the bath tub of course! Where else?

“What will you do if your dog acts up?” – Scream, slap, kick the darn ankle biter as far as I can

Yes, I know they are for a good cause… but I HATE PAPER WORK! UGH!

Nellie – No no, im not scared of the PEOPLE themselves, but conversing with them. “Do I start the conversation, or do they? If I dont will they think im rude? If I start it, what can I say? Maybe if I don’t make eye contact and pretend im invisible they will leave me alone… but then when I have no choice but to acknowledge them things are WAY more awkward!! “OH! Well hello there… I didnt see you before with your bright yellow shirt and constant yelling Hi at me” Why is it ME who always has to start! Why can’t they!!” A bird watching group may be cool, but most birdwatchers are older than I…. All my “friends” (well family and previous friends) were all 20-30 years older than I… It works out great, but im still in my twenties and am quite energetic (thanks ADD) so at times when I impulsivley want to go out in the night to a jam, or just go crazy… they are can’t take the late nights and early mornings and don’t have the… urge? to. Plus I really don’t think I would show up to a group. I don’t like commitment like that. Thats an area I still need to grow up in I guess. *le sigh*

Allan – I don’t really care either, I don’t think. When im in the right mood I can talk to any one about anything at anytime. Most people laugh, at first I thought it was because I was funny, but maybe they are just laughing at me because im a wee bit different. Maybe both! My grandma is the worst for calling me lazy, and forgetful… “Carrie-Ann!! Why don’t you do this? I know you can! Its easy! You are smarter than that!” “Carrie-Ann, where is this?” “I dont know grandma” “WHAT??? How can you not know??? Thats bad!! At your age!! Whats going on!!” Shes french, very hyper, loud, forgetful. hmmmmmm sounds a little close to home no? But shes like the PERFECT house wife. House is ALWAYS spotless, laundry ALWAYS done, makes food up to your ears and expects you to eat it all at times and other times tells you your too fat so you can’t have the cookie shes offering everyone else! hahahahaha I do love my grandma yes. Some times I can tolerate her more than others. Since medication it has been easier… but once off and shes going on and on about how I forgot this, and how I forgot that and I shouldnt be like that… I say bluntly “I cant take you right now…” PLEASE BACK AWAY BEFORE I EXPLODE! hahahahaha