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Yes I LOVE the outdoors but I dont like going alone. I like to be with someone, but I dont have friends, only family, and often they are busy doing their own thing. I want a dog for this reason, but where we are living now it just wouldn’t work. I guess I could just get some headphones and head out with my music, try to find somewhere where there isnt anybody. Explore on my own.

I NEVER drink if I have to take care of kids even if they are at school for that very reason. I drink once my husband is home, but not much. Im never DRUNK, only a little buzz, IF that. Maybe once a week. My aunt is concerned about my drinking though. I don’t think I drink that much, maybe im in denial! :O hahaha Well I never feel guilty after I drink. I always remember what happened. I never have a hangover or feel like I need a drink in the morning. I asked my husband if I am causing problems in the family because of it. He said no. He would be the first to tell me because HE HATES alcohol. Ive never missed work, it has never affected my work in anyway. I never drink and drive, I refuse to. I drink after a night shift once the kids are in bed or once my husband is home and im going crazy from being in the house all day! I go to my uncles house, have a drink, play a couple games of crib and come home. Never drunk because I wont drink and drive home and its too far to walk. Alcoholism does run deeply in my family, im aware of that risk. Its not a problem yet and im not denying it could be very easily.

Yeah, I think I just need to get outside once a day. That would be good. Just have to get over it and be a big girl and go all by myself!