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hey Carrie.

Love John Cleese and my best friend form childhood is named Carrie. Just read your post and yea being bored is frustrating. I bought a house and have not been bored in 7 years. However I did develop a cute little habit (sarcasm) of drinking a wee bit every day. I’m a people person but there are times when I just can’t handle being around people or new people. My drinking didn’t cause me any problems for some time but it increased my ADHD symptoms a lot so then it became a problem. I haven’t drank in over a year now. Mostly to not have to go through the amped up symptom problem.

But I guess the reason why I bring it up is that I got into the habit of it after work because I didn’t like anyone I worked with and had to spend all day with them. So by the time I got home I would be pretty pent up. I can’t tell you how many “parties of one” I would have watching Monty Python and reciting the Holy Grail to myself. I am quite the one woman show. But the drinking did end up causing me problems with my boyfriend and with me getting things accomplished. And after a while even my pets got tired of my “show”.

When I went through a phase several years ago after college when I didn’t really have any friends I joined a gym and got a trainer so I wouldn’t have to think about the other people there. That way I could just focus on what he was telling me. I had a big phobias of gyms. I also went on a lot of hikes and looked up local places that host hikes etc. That way the people you are with have a similar interest and if you really don’t want to talk to anyone you can just say your enjoying the scenery. Or you can always keep conversation about the activity at hand so you don’t have to come up with a lot of small talk. You may end up with a hiking buddy.

Or maybe a book club. Just thinking of things that would direct any conversation towards something. So you don’t have to go “Hi I’m new here and I need some friends so I don’t go crazy”.

I had agoraphobia when I was a teenager so I get the fear of people thing. I just had to focus on getting to a point A to a Point B so I wouldn’t freak out. But it took some practice to get over it and comfortable with people again. I don’t really suffer from it anymore but once in a while there are things I really don’t want to do by myself because I get too nervous.

I have too many hobbies. Want one of mine? I started making wire wrapped Sea Glass jewelry as a way to keep my hands occupied since I tend to fidget and tap my fingers and feet a lot. Then I decided to start selling it. Now it’s turned into a whole other thing.

I also garden a lot. You would never guess how many people at local garden places want to talk about their favorite seeds. Or tomatoes. Or whatever they are growing.

Or like you said just go out with the head phone on and music. That can help to block out a lot of inner chatter.

Rambling on… Don’t know if any of this helps. But I like talking to other people with ADD about this kind of stuff. My friends are understanding to a point but still really don’t know how it is living with this stuff every day. So for me it’s a relief to finally get to talk about it.

Better get back to work. I’m on a deadline and will be up for sometime tonight. I work at home so I’ve been in my office for the last few days and you (this site) Is about my only outside contact for the last couple of days. I feel John Cleese coming on.