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Re: BOREDOM!2012-09-13T22:21:40+00:00

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Hiya Carrie,

I know what you mean about getting bored, that feels horrid.

But somehow I remember we’ve had this conversation before, way back when ? Wasn’t there some thread that cantered on needing adventure and getting outside?

I know if I don’t get outdoors during the day I am totally rattled. Thank goodness for my dogs who never cease to remind me if I forget :-)

Walking, hiking, biking, swimming, horseback riding are all ideas that don’t really require interaction with people.

And if I remembered wrong and you hate the outdoors …never mind… : -)

(PS – as much fun as getting drunk can be , keep in mind how bad you’d feel once the dust settled if you were called in to your kid’s school for an emergency and you were six sheets to the wind!)

Oh and who’s the dude in your avatar? ????