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Sorry you are going through this. I have known people who have abused the stimulant medications. I agree talk to his doctor. It sounds like he has some major addiction problems. And could have a dual diagnosis. ADD and addiction. Both intertwine with each other.

Most important get help for yourself. Check out groups for families of substance abusers. You can’t change him but you can change your behavior and how you handle things. Dealing with addiction is something not to be handled alone. So finding people who can share what they have learned living with an addict can help to empower you to make good choices for yourself and your child. You don’t have to leave that’s your choice. But you do have to learn what you can and can not change.

Al-anon is a good place to start for addressing the addiction issues. And there are on-line resources if you do not want to go in person to start. Just do a search for the area your in. This site is a good resource for the ADD issues that Al-anon will most likely not cover. But you will find there are people who have a dual diagnosis.

Glad you found this site. I’ve been here just a short while. I’m ADHD and the insight and tips here have really helped. You’re not alone in this.