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I completely understand.


When I’m feeling beat up by the world, I have to remind myself that the emotions I’m experiencing are temporary and will not last forever. I make it a point to not make any decisions and let go of any negative thoughts before they get too out of control. That makes it easier to deal with what’s in front of me on a day to day basis.

In the long term, maybe you’re in the wrong line of work. I’ve found that I do better when I do work that involves more “nerdy” types, and less public interaction. Working around other nerds, there’s a certain amount of social awkwardness that’s expected, so I don’t stand out as being “weird”.

I don’t know what path that may be for you, but for me I’ve been increasing my skills in internet technologies. As much as ADD can feel like a curse, it’s also been the fuel that has enabled me to learn and understand so much internet technology so quickly. I learn differently, and that has forced me to be self-driven learner. When most of the rest of the people in the work force are not self-driven learners, that gives me an extra edge in my field.

I hope that helps.