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I’m 53 and I got fired from every job. And I realized that i love to grow things I paint and sell my paintings . There are things you can do think outside the box not all of it is in an office. If you like animals work with the SPCA . When I was younger I work on a farm for free room and board. Life isn’t about money. You can build a small house quite cheap out of recycle materials een it done Animals, plants they like me. People not so much. If your lucky enough to have your grade 12 there are different lines of work that you can get into. I guy I new didn’t have ADD made so much money selling hotdogs he went to all the concerts sold out side of Canadian tire.He made 1,200 at a blues festival proffit in one weekend. My mother would get fired or tell some one to go pound sand. But she new how to make money in the food industry. Why not start a cleaning company. That is what my sister chris did out west. So many women working and they hire people to come in and clean. Use organic cleaning products and ask for more money. Dog sitting is another huge money maker. There are grants out there for women getting into business.So instead of being down about it. Look at it from a different prospective. If my mother with ADHD and All my cousins with no grade 12 can do it so can you think about what it is you like. People, I can no longer handle so I sell garlic I grow and do art. Clamdigger