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Dr. Jain-

Thanks you for your post [the one that says 4 weeks ago, today, it’s 3-12-12.] About Russel B n his plugging the books 8 times. I respect your opinion the most here. I’m hoping you take that as a compliment. I have changed a lot in a short amount of time because of this site primarily. I was talking to my daughter who is almost finished with her Internship at Cal Poly earlier tonight, soon to be employed as a dietician. She has checked out this site. A bit skeptical (she put it gently). My suggestion, she focus on the video’s, and I mentioned your name in particular, and only yours, so she would remember. Told her about how you have a talent for brevity. And pack a lot of useful information into not many words.

The help here has indeed helped all my relationships. Reading some parts of my posts above only stings a tiny bit. It’s much easier to forgive myself when I make little mistakes. It also seems like way! longer than a month ago that I wrote them. That’s why I put dates on many of my posts. And the time matters sometimes like tonight it’s a little bit after 11:00 pm pst, so it’ s tomorrow for the rest of the continental US.

“The lure of easy money has a very strong appeal” lyrics from the 80’s. Don Henley, Smugglers Blues I think. It’s wrong to compare any doctor to a drug dealer. Well, it’s wrong for ME, to do that. But that’s just my moral compass. Free speech is a wonderful thing. Censorship, well… it’s crap in most cases. JMHO. I wouldn’t want to see porno, or filthy language here though. So… Hmmm, off topic.. wupps!!

I applaud your honesty. I applaud your willingness to help us so very much for nothing. We pay nothing, you get well being and the satisfaction of a job well done. You’re [totallyadd.com gangstars] all in my prayers.

Robert Field (I’m the dude in the orange bandana, w/ long hair if you check facebook, that picture may change, I’m guessing my writing style is easy to spot)

PS, I also told her “the video’s are also very funny and entertaining” knowing she’ll discover Rick’s Jems.

11:26 pm pst 3-12-12

PS, LOL, it’s ironic that I mentioned my facebook page on this article in particular. ***laughing at self***