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There are tons of videos on that CADDAC site, including a few that I’ve watched here. The very first one didn’t play any more than 20% through, but all the rest work. There are a bunch by Russell Barkley, some the same as the ones at youtube. Dr Jain is there also.

It’s good solid facts and watching them has been much easier than reading for me. Even if I have to watch them several times.

I hope you check it out trashman, and anyone else feeling like I have been feeling. (frustrated, impatient with the endless hoops I have to jump through to get the right help)

Remember to click on all the links at the bottom and explore that whole small simple looking interface. There’s more there than meets the eye. Spend a lot of time there.

I don’t know why, but I’ve calmed down a lot just watching and being convinced that a whole lot of people are working very hard in many places in addition to here to help us all learn to live with these problems, and move past most of the suffering it creates. I know it’s only a matter of time before I’ll be helping people with ADD/ADHD and a bunch of the related disorders.

Hang in there.