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Staci, I have one of these kids too, and can relate completely. Two things:

First, you are doing a *fabulous* job by the sounds of it. YAY you, Mom.

Secondly, as we both know, exhaustion, guilt and feelings that you’re not doing enough all go with the territory. I think this just has to do with the relentlessly demanding, constant nature of parenting high-maintenance kids.

I mean, with my other child, I’ve enjoyed an ever-increasing break from relentless troubleshooting since she left toddlerhood. But with my child who has ADHD, it’s as if toddlerhood never ended.

To find the energy to go on, I find I have to:

(1) look back at how far he’s come and the milestones he’s reached with my help (which have usually been too gradual and I’ve usually been too tired to notice)

(2) always tell myself that the constant work on his behalf is an investment in his future, and won’t last forever!