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Re: Children with ADD/ADHD need a support system too!

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Rick Green – Founder of TotallyADD
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We hear you. Both of you, Mrsm2003 and GameGuy.

My wife Ava created this site because we had so much good information that didn’t make it into our documentary ‘ADD & Loving It?!’ Dr. J got involved very early on because he recognized the power of both television and the web to make a huge difference for people all over the world. Our goals is to transform how the world views ADHD and inspire people to take on their impairments so they can become who they truly are, and succeed at what they want to do with their lives.

The information here is indeed focussed on adults. In fact, the Global Television network executives who gave us the funding to make the film had told me, when I first went in with the idea, that “ADHD kids have been well covered.” When I explained we wanted to do a documentary that was about Adults discovering ADHD, and that it would feature comedian Patrick McKenna, they said, “Okay, now that’s new,” and they gave us to green light.

So the information here is aimed at adults. ADHD kids are not struggling with divorce, bankruptcy, depression, being fired and de-cluttering. But their parents are.

As well, much of what’s here is valuable in understanding and managing ADHD at any age.

For example Dr. J’s video on Informed Consent is crucial to anyone seeking help from a Doctor for any issue, from ADHD to a broken toe.

And many of the strategies work well for kids. That said, the emotional stuff that has accumulated by adulthood is a separate issue. (I think about my own struggle with depression at one point in my 30’s and with low-grade anxiety most of my adult life.) We are putting together a DVD about parenting ADHD kids right now, and you are not the first to ask us to do something about ADHD/ADD for kids.

But in the meantime, bear in mind that ADHD/ADD is very inheritable and runs in families, so dealing with the ADHD/ADD in the parents will be a huge gift to your ADHD kids.

Getting the areas of impairment from my ADHD managed made me a better, steadier, more reliable father, and now that my son is 22, an adult, the information here has tremendous relevance.

After all, we’re kids for 18 years. We’re adults for up to 70 years. And during those 70 years we may produce a lot of kids and grandkids with ADHD.