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“So I just can’t think of what I want to do as a career. I mean I want a job where I can move around, critically think, and make something/fix with my hands. I fear of not graduating college period. I want to do so much that I can’t pick just one and what I think I could do my community college doesn’t offer it.”

Wow…I could have written that. Unfortunately I have no awesome ideas to offer, but at least you’re not alone in the boat, right? :)

I went to university without much sense of what I wanted to do, switched majors after my first year, did a minor for some variety, graduated, and fell into a masters degree, all the while working in cubicles, and now with just my thesis left, I’m stalled. After 8 years of university and 4 years of working in “real jobs”, I still don’t know what I want to do. IMO, education is never a waste. But still, I wonder if it was a bad idea to do an arts degree that makes me broadly marketable for writing/thinking jobs, but doesn’t actually lead to a concrete “career” like some education does (e.g. paramedic, doctor, teacher, etc.)

I’m thinking about becoming a psychologist, because then you see a new person and puzzle every hour. But the thought of another 8 years of education to get there…oh god.

I’d thought about being a paramedic, but I can’t drive to save my life. I’ve thought of doing woodworking or plumbing or electrician.

I’m trying to come up with more career ideas that wouldn’t be deathly boring like my current cubicle job. I can’t figure out how anyone survives those. Sitting in a cube for 40 hours a week makes me insane.