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はぎめまして どぞよろしく!  안녕하세요! If you did not know, I like languages and cultures and psychology, now you do! But at first I did not realize it. My first major was Environmental Sciences and Studies to help take care of the forest, Nature and things like that, but people said it did not pay well, so being the creative idiot I am I then majored in Art which was fun and interesting, but once again everyone told me that I would not be able to make a living of it. So now at 25 soon to be 26 year-old-young-man :) I am intending go back to college and to try and some how major in Teaching English As A Secondary Language in Japan or South Korea or something like that. As I currently am a caucasian Sushi Chef working in a Japanese Restaurant, which is a fun and active job on your feet much like the cooking which I did too, with new orders and people creating their own new rolls for you to make, while have to talk to customers and cut fish with a very sharp knife! But I found much to my delight that interacting and communicating with many foreign coworkers like; Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese), Korean, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Thai, Hispanic, no Japanese hahaha! Was even more interesting and there is so much to learn with A language let alone three or more! Is you never stop learning about even one, it is nonstop, everyone comes from slightly different backgrounds to complete opposites on some cultural bases which relates to how they perceive and interact allot of time. But I am terrible at studying and am almost always distracted in class or on tests and bad at saving money to boot! So I am also trying to come up with another additional major just in case this one does not work out and I get stuck in America….. Got to go to work quick by!