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I totally get where you are coming from. I worked in a steel mill out of high school then work my way threw with my microsoft and cisco engineering certs in the network security industry and later move on when the US tech bubble popped in 2001.

I was not a traditional student, I started when I was 25. I started out in computer engineering, then on to chemical and finally landing into civil engineering. since us ADD’ers are so active ;) this would be a great path. civil engineering as five primary disciplines, and can even be broken down from there. [1] Structural Engineering [2] Water Resources and Hydraulic Engineering [3] Geotechnical Engineering [4] Environmental Engineering [5] Transportation Engineering.

I will be finishing up my masters in structural engineering in the spring and I have yet to have a day I have regretted it. I spend so much time in a concrete materials lab, going to bridge sites….most cases you can pick your poison in terms of focus (hahaha). My passion found me fortunately.

FYI—Most engineers I have worked with were real jerks when I made them aware of my ADHD. LOL typically engineers are jerks anyways…my wife tells me that all the time :)