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Ooooh! I agree! The box thing makes total sense! You are absolutely right about out of sight out of mind! I do that to food I dont want to eat. I think im going to try that, keep everything in sight… box clear container things! I can relate with the whole mess thing! My coping strategy has been GET RID OF IT ALL! My house is the most cold bare looking thing. I dont have little nic-nacs here and there, I dont have anything anywhere! I figure I cant keep it organized and I HATE clutter, so out it goes! My only mess is laundry! I feel horrible about it, I have one big pile in my closest. Poor kids have to go swimming to find something, thats not fair to them. Maybe I should make a goal that on my days off… Wednesday, Thursday I think. I will get that laundry done! AND the laundry room! ooooooooh! Challenge central!

I have an idea!! Why dont we form a group we can be accountable in! Well actually that never works for me… When ever I make a goal, somehow, without wanting to, I do everything in my power not to do it hahaha THats why I hate goals. Always feel like a failure, its like polar opposites on magnets. Thats what I am to goals!

Anyways, heres the link! http://totallyadd.com/forum/topic.php?id=1612&replies=1#post-13031 I will post my goals there and we can talk and trail off about whats help or not! Let me know!!