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ok.. to bed after this post. I don’t know why I can’t make myself go to bed at night.

my laundry method:

-iron out wrinkles using the gravity method + body heat…ermm yeah.. just wearing it and hoping it fixes itself.

-only do when you run out of clean underwear

-leave it in the dryer instead of having to sleep next to the heap you didn’t feel like putting away

-use the ball method for folding sheets. step one: roll into random ball.done! who really cares if it is creased oddly? sleepy humans? certainly not!

in seriousness- open shelves and hanging things in closets is the way to go! I also like clear plastic drawers.. still use some I had in the dorm room (i know..classy). except, if you want to put something in a sealed drawer just to expect a brand new present later when you find it again in a year.

I know.. I live like a 20 year old male..

oh I lost the point of your post too!!!! hehe

like Krazykat, my issue is inattention. a few hyperactive traits, but in a quirky vs. impairing way. I need routine or I get anxious and overwhelmed. However, I have had a lot of jobs and could only handle them for so long before I got bored and stir-crazy. What I do? I keep going to school to get more degrees and certificates to get more complicated jobs! My new job right now is so freaking challenging that I am drained of all energy and brain power. nothing left of the brain to get bored. I complain and moan about it, but it is what I need and gravitate to. (and this very job turned out to be so very challenging that I had to go get diagnosed with ADD and given meds to be able to complete it.. score??? i guess?). however, dealing with the stress of change required two weeks of anxiety meds!

I can’t commit to a man lol. They have expiration dates. However, the last one found that I had an expiration date =(. must find another one who is interesting, inspiring, entertaining, and cooks and cleans >_<. yeah….cute too please! yes, I’m single!