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Random ADD thought for the day… If ADD were an animal, would it be a cat?

Monday I had nine cats which include the two my daughter left with us when she left for three years in Alaska to fly C-17’s around the world. She’s not ADD.

About Wednesday, my 20 year old ADD son took a cat, Rizley, named after a friend who died at far too young an age, to have at his house. Friday we went to the pound and adopted a totally awesome black longhair so my son now has two cats.

I, being short a cat, an employee gave me an eight week old Russian Blue earlier today. It joins with the likes of Ole who is part Asian Leopard Cat and the twins, Chico and Pedro, who are half bobcat, and Galen the Maine Coon. Pedro has the habit of using the door knocker to bang on the door when he wants inside, something he figured out on his own. Not to be denyed should we not answer the door, Pedro will jump on the roof and meow at the bedroom window in order to gain entrance. Then there is Gilligan, my little black tabby buddy, who emerged from the woods a little over a year ago.

All this written because I know from their posts that there are other cat lovers (Billd) out there, and I suspect from the avatars and screen names, actually quite a few.

How about it? Do cats have ADD which is why so many of us understand and relate to them so well? Or do we just like being loved by an animal that doesn’t demand attention all the time.

So there you have it, something else to think about when you wake up at three in the morning and can’t get back to sleep.

PS The cat pictured under my screen name was CJ, and African serval. He could stand up and see what was for supper without having to jump on the counter.