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On the bright side – there has been a big shift in the scientific view of what ADHD is, and the existence of adult ADHD, and I think it may have a domino effect on how we see other mental illnesses and behavior problems accross the board.

It takes a very long time for the general public view to catch up with science.

If you go through the history of criminal justice systems around the world, I think you see a recurring theme of trying to balance the rights of victims against compassion for criminals who are themselves victims of child abuse, mental illnesses, and other circumstances. I think everyone loses out though if you wait until after the crime has been committed.

It would be so much better to invest money in more research and also treatment for anyone who needs it, regardless to their ability to pay. The cost to society of letting people fall through the cracks is horrible. You can see a lot of activism in this area – just check out http://www.nami.org to see what’s going on to change the situation.