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Interesting. 54mg of Concerta. I’ll have to try that. These last few weeks, I’ve been experimenting to see the effects of increasing, decreasing, adding, subtracting doses. I took a razor blade and cut half of the 27mg pill. Popped that and 1 full to see what happened. That was the day before yesterday. Yep. I felt MUCH clearer. Slept like a baby… all the way through. No jumping, no tic’s, no violent hand or leg gestures……. I thought, wow. Maybe I need a heavy dosage… Let me try it again… So last night, I reluctantly turned in @ 1am-ish….only ‘cuz wifey was nagging to… Didn’t have quite the same reaction this morning. Lots of jumping, tic’s….. irritation. Zero patience….. ( /sigh) back to square one…. I do notice I’m much less irritable when I’m alone….. maybe I’ll change my wife and see what happens… ;0)