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This is a perfect example of why sites such as this, and communication between us like this, is SO helpful


Every time I think I’ve got a handle on this disorder, some Swan innocently mentions something and it’s …

HUH? I didn’t know THAT had anything to do with my ADD and/or meds!

abslt0 … you wrote:

“Has anyone experienced a constant ringing in the ears…”


“…constant ear ringing. More noticeable on left side than right. “


About 4-5 (?) years ago, we went to the beach.

I fell asleep.

When I woke up, there was a ringing in my left ear.

“Oh well,” I thought. “It will go away.”


STILL have it, and now the right ear is ringing as well (though – as you mention – not as badly).

Researched it on the net.

Suspected I had Tinnitus.

Went to my Doctor.

He said, “You have Tinnitus.”

“What can I do about it?” I asked.

“Nothing,” he said.


Discovered a bunch of famous people have it (No, I won’t inflict another list on you <g>).

One of them is William “Captain Kirk/Denny Crane” Shattner.

“The Shat” had it so bad he seriously considered suicide!

There are days when I can understand that (though – to clarify – I never would).

As if my ADD “hearing problems” aren’t bad enough, I now have to endure jet engines in each ear.

Worse some days than others.

Absolutely worse when it is silent (for others. I’ll never hear silence again {well, not until “the rest is silence”} <g>).

Can’t sleep without a white noise machine.

It’s hellish.

And that’s just half of it.

abslt0 also wrote:

“Can’t get comfortable in my car seat any longer”




When I was driving for Children’s Aid, my good old Tourettes decided THAT would be a good tic.

I could NOT sit still.

Squirmed in my seat constantly (as if trying to get comfortable).

Then the squirm turned into a jerk, which got so bad I slipped several discs in my back and got a pinched nerve (later fixed by a Chiropractor).

To make matters worse, I apparently “pulse” the gas pedal while I drove, which made my partner nauseous.

So we had to trade our car in and get one with cruise control.

I pretty much drive with my thumb 95% of the time.

Mind you, I now know it was the Ritalin & Dexedrine that exacerbated my tics.

Once I switched to Adderall, my tics were much better. And when I added the Clonazepam, they stopped altogether (though I’ve now got to look into this memory problem Dr. J mentioned. Sigh).

But I digress… <g> (which, by the way, will be the title of the book I’m going to write on my ADD <vbg>).

What I wanted to say was – YES, abslt0 – I have several of the same “symptoms” you have mentioned.

Oh – Oh – and, another one…

“… zero drive from 2pm onwards.”


(Unless, I take more Adderall, in which case I’m productive, but can’t sleep. Sigh).

Many thanks for sharing such personal info. It gives me a whole bunch more stuff to research.

And it’s good to know I’M not alone.<g>

Appreciate it.

Cheers till next time,


PS: Wanna know what I hear? Go to:

I have the second sound you’ll hear … 24/7.