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Robbo – your post, that is your assessment of daytime TV, got me to thinking. In general, you’re correct. Much is just crap entertainment. Even stuff that starts out quality (?) such as, say, Dr. Phil ends up being like the Jerry Springer show. I think Oz is a good cardiologist, but not an ADHD specialist. I suspect he, or his producers, decide to include a segment about some subject and there is a quick “schooling” and research to verify facts. Undoubtably, considering the format of his show, the information, if not on the most elementary level, will have an increasing chance of inaccuracys as it becomes more in depth. But I think he does what he goal is which is to get people thinking.

OZ does seem to have a good show, for its format, and as you rightfully point out, is directed mainly towards women.

And better to be an insect in a house full of reptiles than a mouse. 😯