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Kc –

“OZ does seem to have a good show, for its format, and as you rightfully point out, is directed mainly towards women.

And better to be an insect in a house full of reptiles than a mouse.”

Well kc – hope you’re not skating on ‘thin ice’ here! :)

I have never seen OZ so can’t comment, but if it’s anything like the day time TV that is imported from the States to the UK then I agree it’s junk.

To say it’s junk is one thing but to intimate that’s because it’s aimed at women is ….well….. I haven’t my meds today so will refrain from what I was going to write. Wow – so I resisted an impulse unmedicated! Horrah! Progress!!! :)

Anyway, back to the point – these programmes are aimed at the lowest common denominator and trust me that’s not women! The reason that Robbo can’t connect with these shows is because he’s got more intelligence than that required for them. Incidentally so do most women!

The only difference between men and women is that we have the strength to cope with period pain, PMS, child care, running a house and often holding down a responsible job all at the same time as dealing with other issues such as ADHD etc.

So…this ‘reptile’ bites…. :)

Don’t worry kc – love you really!