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I enjoy knitting, but I rarely finish anything :( I would love to have the staying power to finally finish something!!! I just get too interested in a new project so that I cannot possibly continue with the same old boring thing a second longer and just have to move on to the new project 😉 If knitting was a bit quicker then I’d probably finish more items. I am just too slow at it!!

I used to be a leg bouncer, and my ADHD son certainly is too. I don’t do it so much anymore, but I think it’s because I have found other outlets, and knee arthritis makes it less satisfying :? On top of it all, I have restless legs. It can’t be because of ADHD medications wearing off, because I am not on any. I have had RLS since I was in my late teens/early twenties (I am almost 40) and I have just started proper medication for it (as opposed to alternating codeine based painkillers with sleeping tablets, which was no longer very effective). I am having lots of fun (NOT!!) trying to find the appropriate dosage regime. The need to move from RLS is certainly very different to just having to move/jiggle/bounce. RLS verges on being painful, especially if I try to ignore it. A bit like sitting in one spot too long and feeling stiff and uncomfortable – there is great relief when you can finally move and stretch, but with RLS, the discomfort comes straight back as soon as you stop moving.

My ADHD son is showing early signs of RLS too, and he is not on any ADHD medication yet either. Incidentally, I have read that medication based treatment of one disorder (in people with both ADHD and RLS) often shows improvement in the symptoms of both disorders.

Hmm….I seem to have wandered off subject.

Sick_of – I am glad you got something to help you. If it was becoming exhausting and draining for you than it was obviously time to seek help. Not all jiggles and wiggles are from the hyperactivity part of ADHD, and it certainly looks like yours have another cause. Good luck and I hope the new medication continues to help.