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Re: Constant foot and leg shaking

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Late chiming in here, but this is so me.

A leg bouncer coming from a family of leg bouncers. I am the fourth confirmed diagnosis in my dad’s family, and we suspect it is quite rampant. I feel it is any hyperactivity I have coming out, since I tested as strictly Inattentive type, but I am a fidgeter. The leg bouncing can be annoying for others, but I don’t find it exhausting or draining and often don’t realize I’m doing it. When I cross my legs, I bounce the upper foot instead.

When my son was younger, pre-diagnosis, he was a big-time fidgeter, which sometimes came out with poking other people. I actually worked at teaching him the leg bounce, as it is far less annoying than poking your classmate.

And I still get a giggle remembering my mom in church. She is most definitely not ADHD, and one Sunday she found herself with my dad on one side, and my cousin and I on the other. We all crossed our legs with the upper foot pointed toward mom, and eventually all the feet were bouncing. I realized my mom was getting very, very annoyed and couldn’t figure out why. Until I realized that she was surrounded by bouncing feet! She told me after service she was almost ready to slap us all.