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Re: Cost of Generic Adderall XR?

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Patte Rosebank
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Take a look at the website for Adderall. The manufacturer may offer a patient assistance plan which covers some or all of the cost. I know there’s one from Janssen (the maker of Concerta), which covers the part of my Concerta prescription that isn’t paid for by my drug plan.

Generic versions of most over-the-counter medications are a great way to save money, because you can get the same drug for 20-40% less.

But beware of generic medications for mental conditions.

Often, they are very different from the branded versions, and one generic brand can vary greatly from even another generic brand! This is because different brands use different filler materials, and because generics are allowed to contain as much as 10% more or 10% less of the dosage of the branded version. That means a potential range of 20%, which is a huge difference, which you will instantly feel if your pharmacy suddenly changes brands of generic.

And then, there’s the matter of a different delivery system which is the essence of certain branded medications. If the generics don’t use the same delivery system as the branded, then they act so differently that they cannot be considered a substitute for the branded. Concerta is an example of this.

Take a look in the Videos section on this website. Rick has done several videos addressing the issue of generics vs. branded medications.