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Hello again Green!

I’m so glad you replied!

In my opinion, you have every right to feel the way you did and no one can tell you otherwise.

They probably had not ‘been there’ like we have. Abuse, whether physical or emotional takes it’s toll on you.

My mother’s favorite nickname for me was ‘Stupid’…as in ‘Tell Stupid to get over here..’

Stuff like that on an ongoing basis hurts worse than being punched. I’ve had both. It’s disgusting.

I ask those people who are making excuses for the abuser, your father in your case…

If a stranger behaved like this, would it be acceptable?


Then why is it acceptable for a parent to do this to their child when they are supposed to love, guide and help them, unlike a stranger?

correct answer : It is not acceptable to treat another human being in this way.Period.

Anyone who thinks like this has never been through humiliation and hell by a parent.

Feel better…there are many of us out here who ‘get it’ and are on your side.

: )

Keep us posted!