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Re: Dad ADD too?

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hi ican relate my dad was like that and thinking back his dad was worse . ithink if it was with my parents mental illness was a thing of shame, having said that does not make it ok but maybe if older people from past generations could be honest with themseves they would have had a diffierent kind of a life. i have family members with adhad but if i say something then iam the one that is nuts. well i have not been tested yet still wating my doc seems to be convinced iam and has me on 72mg of concerta, it is like the different of night and day.so having said that i don,t spend time on making them better right know i am learning this to make my life better.my parents have both pasted away so in one way iam lucky i dont have to tell two old people there life might have been alot better. hope this helps.