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As I understand Amen’s work, he is a brain physiologist. He has 50,000+ SPECT brain scans with personality tests associated. This has led him to be able to associate behaviors with too much brain activity or too little activity in specific areas of the brain. The great thing about his publishing the books on ADD is that we can see that our behavior is due to our brain structure. The cost of doing the SPECT scans and getting diagnosed and treatment is high. As I understand it, the personality testing is now the primary diagnostic tool with the SPECT scans being used only when necessary. The other side of this is that we can use the personality testing to get an idea of what our issues are. It is necessary to get to a doctor for assessment, prescription, follow ups, etc.

By the way, Dr. J said, “Did someone say he makes lots of money with his schtick? Someone should really validate the data. How come no one has? That’s a very good question.”

I have no issue with someone making some money when they make their research available. I imagine that Amen’s work has resulted in large numbers of people with ADD getting help from their psychiatrists (sounds like a lot of psychiatrists making money from Amen’s shtick). Amen clinics do a lot of good for a lot of people. His appearances on PBS have done a lot of good. I’m happy that he makes lots of money when he has done that much good.

As to someone validating his data, what do you suggest? Do we need to repeat his SPECT scans plus personality tests, etc? Would you like to audit his data? Are you thinking he has manufactured his information?