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Re: Dealing with a parent with ADD

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Rick Green – Founder of TotallyADD
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One of the biggest challenges with ADHD Parenting is that we can be uneven or forgetful about the rules we’ve put in place. So one parent is saying one thing, while the ADDer, who agreed with their spouse about what the rules were about snacks, homework, fighting, tidying, chores or whatever, has now forgotten what they agreed to and let’s the kid go have fun. In fact, may even join the kid in having fun.

So the Non-ADHD parent is left feeling unsupported. Plus they’re frustrated that all the time taken to develop the parenting rules has apparently been thrown out the window and a complete waste of time. The common complain is, “I feel like I have an extra child and I’m a single parent.”

Part of the solution is frequent checking in, and reminding each other what the rules are. Cause the kids will exploit any chink in the armour, and you are hardwired, from the moment they’re born and start crying, to respond to their upsets.