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Mentalchaos- I have seen tons of cyclical attributes as you call them. I look throughout my life and realize finally that I can answer all the WHYs in my life. Yes I am glad I was diagnosed with ADHD at an early age. But that didnt matter to any of my teachers, coaches, or principles at the time. It was not until I was willing to look into the disorder my self that I started to feel good about it. The more educated I became the more answers I was able to give my self. I think the highs and lows of your life are like any others but you have to remember that there are days when your ADHD is heightened and than days that it is not. So depending on a million issues you may not suffer as much one day and than more the next day.

I also think that it is important to remember that ADHD exaggerates a lot of emotional feelings and sometimes I have deemed my self as short term depressed. Because I would be at an extreme low and think I am depressed but than bounce back with and extreme high the next day. It is a weird emotional roller coaster.

Anxiety is through the roof with me. I am always concerned abotu what other people think of me. Always concerned in impressing others. I think that stems from issues of people calling me dumb or no good my whole life. I am self concious about everything. But now I tell myself everyday that It was not my fault. I have a disorder.

You wouldnt get mad at someone in a wheelchair for not walking?? So anytime there is an issue. I openly describe my disorder to people and than they know..

It is important to make people aware of this disorder. If they are unaware than they are quick to assume.