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Re: Death by xbox-risk of hyperfocusing

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I hyperfocus on everything almost all of the time. if I’m driving I calculate what every vehicle is doing based on every action I see them take or not take, speed up and down and analyze and anticipate what they will do. I never knew that it was probably ADHD tho. I didn’t notice I did it ’till I started not driving and still did it and would tell driver what cars are gonna do and it annoyed them when I was right.

I’ve gamed with friends 24 hours or more, LAN party! played alot of Diablo, Warcraft and some others, loved it!! we do it on a long weekend or holiday. A few times I’ve done it alone, just me and the game, Mt Dew or coffee maybe icecream and skittles, All Night Long, all night..! but just because you can sit hyperfocused for hours doesnt make you addicted. i dont like gaming for a couple of minutes, I prefer hours, like 6 or more. to me it’s like watching a movie marathon without getting bored. but its a holiday thing to me, its like a social vacation!

If I am watching a movie/tv, I will hyperfocus sometimes and then blurt out what is gonna happen next or the ending and I cant help it and peeps get mad at me. I have to work really hard on not doing this.