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Re: Destroyed My Life!!!!

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Here’s the thing to consider about whether you are a failure. Are you kind? Honest? Do you love your wife? Do you care about the world? Do you help others? Do you have friends? (You must, you say you do.) Have you kept trying even when you failed? Are you insightful? Empathetic?

Talk to those friends you have, and ask them what they like about you, or what strengths they see in you, that you may not see.

I’ve done this and people have been so much nicer and more supportive than I ever imagined. Yeah, a couple of them had stuff to get off their chests first. And no wonder. I’d screwed up a lot. (I didn’t use the ADHD as an excuse. I found they didn’t much care. They were just pissed.)

I used to feel so beaten. And yet I had friends too. And people I cared about. And goals… dreams…

My only suggestion, and this is the perfect website for this, don’t take everything so seriously or believe every thought you have about yourself. One of the suggestions I like is to play at life. Like we did when we were kids. We didn’t care if we won or lost, we just played. Every day. Again and again.

I’m learning, slowly, to play again. I hope you do too.