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Re: Destroyed My Life!!!!

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You are not alone. We’ve all been watching our peers run while that pebble in the shoe has kept at a limp… That doesn’t mean you should feel any less upset or bitter, depressed or whatever. You effectively need to grieve your opportunities lost and move on. Personally I’m only a few months into the realization of what’s been happening…

I brought something up to my Doc that he sorta validated.

We can’t spend time trying to fix the past. It’s not going to happen. This isn’t Star Trek where we can find a tear in the space time continuum to travel back to make changes. (Even then there’d be the Grandfather Paradox but I digress.) Even in Sci-fi it takes allot of energy to go back. So why do it? Or bother trying? Spend far less energy working in the NOW and have more in the FUTURE and you’re further ahead.

What are you doing for tomorrow?