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Re: Destroyed My Life!!!!

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isaac- we have very much the same story i am still wating for testing my doc is so sure iam allready on concerta if i spend my time looking back i could cry for all the short comings in my life But instead i look on the up side ilike to make the people around me laugh so that is what helps me thru this learning curve. my heart hurts to hear your story so know you are not alone and try to look to a more positive future with the info you now have. keep reading the many posts they are so very help full.iam not very good at this typing thing so i dont post much but reading all the diffirernt storyies help me to to keep hoping for better things to come. it sounds like the best chapters of your life are now going to be witten with alot of in sight and power geting to know the real YOU .with all the new info you will learn on what makes you work the way you do. good luck will be wating to updates and hope this helps your never alone here.