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Hi everyone!

Just thought I’d share something that may help craving and blood sugar levels. Approximately 10 years ago I lost 40 or so pounds by following Dr Barry Sear’s Book ‘The Zone’.

The book in a nutshell is:

Three balanced meals a day and two balanced snacks a day

It is not an exclusinary (is that a word?) or high-protein diet.

A meal consists of protein, heart healthy fat and low-glycemic carbs. Same with the snacks. Just like Grandma used to make!

Even if you want to eat junk food, high glycemic carbs, he shows you how to figure it into the mix.

It’s not a ‘diet’…it’s to keep all your blood levels in a healthy zone. If you are overweight, it will come off and you still get to eat eat eat!

I still drink beer (yum!) and eat wings…he just shows how to balance it all out. (Chips, too)

Hope this helps!