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Hey, I am sorry that perhaps I didn’t portray it properly.

As it was explained to me, it is like a partial-lunar eclipse… you can see all of one with only seeing part of the other.

One is far more evident and obvious than the other. This is a really simple attempt at describing this ADHD/memory issue that I have.

Thus, my psychiatrist is wanting to treat the ADHD first to see if the memory issue will also be resolved and if not, we then will know that the memory issue is something that needs to be dealt with on its own.

I have a coach who is teaching and helping with my memory as well. The LOCI method (I think I spelled that correctly) is currently being employed. This has me writing down something on ‘Post-it-Note’ and then physically walking to some object in the room and then reading out loud what is on the paper and either placing it under the object or in it. The walking back to me sit and once again getting up to walk over to retrieve the paper and re-reading what was on the paper and then replacing it back.

She has me do this for as man as ten items. Time consuming it is for sure but it gets my ADHD mind into the mode of thinking and using the ‘association’ principle… associating the thing I need to remember with something that I know, can see and have a connection to. This is something that allows me to simply look at (e.g. a flower pot) and associate that object with the paper that I know is there with what is written on the paper, which could be literally anything at all.

It is very effective in that it helped me in one situation in introducing about 14 people (four of which I had met for the first time and heard their names only once – typically a major issue for me). When two good friends came in, I was able to introduce these two friends to all 14 people all by first name without a hitch or pause or reminder.

Now, before you ask if I used the LOCI method with ‘Post-it-Notes’ and objects in the room… I assure you I didn’t but I did use something similar with associating their names with some physical attribute. I won’t multiply example because some were PG13 and other X-rated but no one knew except me.

This is just one of many things this coach is teaching me.

Now, that I have bored you all to tears…. I’ll clam up for now!