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Different Kinds of ADD?

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    @Distracted66 I learned that association trick back in high school as part of public speaking and later again in college when it came to job networking. I’m great with names, now. And the physical attributes help a LOT. For me, it’s the eyes or teeth that get associated to a person and their name. I can recall talking to anyone years previously by the way they talk, their teeth or the way they move their eyebrows even if I never remember anything that we talked about. I’m interesting that way, I guess. (Read: distracted by facial attributes, actions and a combo of both. I feel like I would be a great member of the Cal Lightman team if the tv show Lie To Me was real. :-))

    For me, it’s common object words like chair, basement, hat, shelf, etc. I’m particularly apt to forget a word while in the middle of something or a story and the object I need to find the word for it irrelevant but it’s part of the story someway. It’s most annoying and painful for me to have to switch from the main story to a 15 second game of charades with my own brain till I finally close my eyes and a mental image of the first letter for the object’s word comes to mind. After the first letter, the word comes to me instantly and the story can resume without further incidents and tangents.

    Most people find this humorous to no end, especially in social settings, but at work this can drive my husband up the wall often because he’s not particularly patient there yet is massively so with me when we’re at home. I chalk it up to his owning his own business and the stress that goes along with being an entrepreneur.


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    Captain Amazing shops like I do. My wife is always “can’t you just pick one” or “when will you make up your mind?”

    At times I hear “How come you can’t make a decision, I always do all the deciding”.

    i’ll spend 2 hours in one store trying to decide between 5 different dado sets for my saw………… so I ask a clerk, then that confuses me more as now I have more info, and more decisions.

    Sometimes it bites me hard……… as I get frustrated and simply say “enough, I’ll take this one”

    In other cases, I end up a huge winner because of the way I research something – like our heat pump.

    I did deep research for months – investigating the inside units (air handlers) and the heat pumps and checking all the combinations, the government ratings, etc – then something made me think – what about THIS air handler and this other outside unit?

    i contacted the HVAC fellow who’d never used that combination but said it sounded intriguing. So we ended up with a system that outperforms the specs of either unit, and he says is above published numbers when he does his annual efficiency checks.

    Me – at times hyper, I move quickly, don’t like to sit still, fidget a lot, introverted, non-social, but get into a topic of interest and I run with it.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)