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Captain Amazing shops like I do. My wife is always “can’t you just pick one” or “when will you make up your mind?”

At times I hear “How come you can’t make a decision, I always do all the deciding”.

i’ll spend 2 hours in one store trying to decide between 5 different dado sets for my saw………… so I ask a clerk, then that confuses me more as now I have more info, and more decisions.

Sometimes it bites me hard……… as I get frustrated and simply say “enough, I’ll take this one”

In other cases, I end up a huge winner because of the way I research something – like our heat pump.

I did deep research for months – investigating the inside units (air handlers) and the heat pumps and checking all the combinations, the government ratings, etc – then something made me think – what about THIS air handler and this other outside unit?

i contacted the HVAC fellow who’d never used that combination but said it sounded intriguing. So we ended up with a system that outperforms the specs of either unit, and he says is above published numbers when he does his annual efficiency checks.

Me – at times hyper, I move quickly, don’t like to sit still, fidget a lot, introverted, non-social, but get into a topic of interest and I run with it.