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“Self esteem comes from success”

I was thinking about that and wondering why I already feel like my self esteem has grown. I’ve been looking at my life, but this time from an “ADD perspective”. I have been beating myself up about all the things I never managed to achieve, calling myself lazy, not interested, good at stupid things that didn’t matter. ( I was the one that beat myself up over things before anyone else could )

But now, I realize how much I already achieved in spite of ADD. So basically I am discovering successes in the past, that I never recognized as successes. And now that I’m getting to know my disability (and fighting its symptoms) I am growing aware of the things I will be able to do!

@Circetay Got the right diagnosis? That’s success! You have responded to this thread, so you’re actively looking for answers. I’m guessing you’ve been searching for answers for a while now and ADD is the answer you found. Hopefully the right one too! Success doesn’t have to be huge. And even if they are huge we don’t always recognize them as such, as you can read from Rick’s answer. (Thank you Rick! You guys are very inspiring!!)