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Your story is very similar to mine. I had been in therapy a few times for depression and various anxiety disorders. They helped somewhat with dealing with these feelings, but I would always come back to the anxiety and depression because of the things I would do (constantly forgetting appointments, losing track of time, forgetting to pack my kids’ lunches! etc)…it took a toll on my self -esteem, no matter how many coping strategies I had!

When I started taking Children’s Mental Health in University, I started realizing that two my children definitely had symptoms of ADHD. It was when I was writing a paper about untreated ADHD kids growing into adults that I realized I was writing about myself!!

Getting diagnosed was a huge eye-opener for me as well and relieved SO much tension and almost immediately restored my self esteem. I knew I wasn’t “Crazy”!

I hope you find the medication helpful. I haven’t been very lucky with meds yet, but it hasn’t stopped me from trying other things to get myself more organized, like using a whiteboard by the front door (color-coding our activities), and making sure that calendar matches my PDA device which comes with me everywhere. It has taken a long time to get into this habit, and I still make mistakes and tend to run late…but I have missed only a few appointments in the last year so there is a definite improvement there!

I LOVE your idea of having the “negativethinkingspiral” surgically removed!!!! Sign me up for that procedure too!! ;o)