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To Scattybird

” It might make them work harder rather than wanting to be spoon fed all the time.”1st question to you what grade do you teach or are you a college professor or something?2. i think you should honestly do this if your a highschool or middle school teacher.

To kc5jck

” As I remember it, I don’t think the study looked at grades either, just study time, which does not necessarily corrolate with grades either. I would think that study time corrolates most closely to “dedication to the task” or perhaps motivation” I honestly think the study is valid.

My experience and what my teachers have taught me so far..

I attend a school that does highschool and college at the same time..so basically when i graduate highschool ill also get and associates degree from my community college i attend also during my school year…

anyway..beginning that school as a freshman was very hard because most kids who go are “A” “B” kids and honestly now adays middle school is easy cuz they spoon feed you. Most teachers tell you what to do and give you papers just to fill out the questions.

Here at this school they first taught you how to take notes so when you go to the college classes you can be able to study your notes and so forth… Many kids leave by Freshman year but if you survive the vigorous struggle like i did then you stay.

Sophomore year I had a teacher who taught world history highschool and college ethics, so his teaching style was very different. one of his first lectures he told our class is that this class you have to THINK. He explained that if you easily studied for a test 5minutes before and got an A in middle school is not gonna work for his class.

He says he rather us have a C then get an A— Reason: As middle schoolers who are used to getting the A and easily got the A,

only thought of the A and thatwe didnt really learn becausewe were only worried about memorizing a section for a quiz just to get the grade.

BUT the person who struggles at first is better than the person with the A because they are actually learning the stuff instead of memorizing that they soon forget.

To Scattybird

(Junior now) at such a young age, I know your pain about putting in twice the tiime at college than my non-ADD peers to get to the same end point. The other day i had to take two days to read 45 pages of a tragedy poem for English. Sometimes I want to quit so bad but ive gone this far i just got one more year to go, y leave now rite? But yeah

Brief Summary

If your a teacher make your students think cuz it’ll really help them later on in the future for college and their career, even though they probably hate your class at timesand think it’s stupid like I didwith my teacher in sophomore year but it really helped now as i take vigorious courses

Hardwork always pays off no matter how smart or dumb you are. Just strive :)