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Re: Dispiriting news for high IQ ADDers…

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Frankly I found the exchanges between commenters truly compelling.

Like so many others with ADD, I had a major problem studying at any other time than the night before a test. So you imagine how much retention took place.

I agree emphatically that the more one can study, the better off one will be. However……I would imagine that for a great number of non-diagnosed ADDers, that would be difficult to do. I was only diagnosed last year so went through my entire life not realizing what was going on, and wondering why it was my peers could do so well, consistently, whereas I could only achieve success in fits and starts. The best marks for tests were achieved when I crammed the night before (hyperfocus), and the worst marks were for my less-than-stellar projects. When you go through this, you wonder if maybe you’re just plain stupid….and then after a while (after proving that you’re not) you conclude that you’re just lazy.

I’ve done well financially but let me tell you: a lot of that comes through being able to fool people. Figuring out methods to get by, skating under the radar, not take on projects or jobs where you can predict your own failure. And then taking on tasks that excite your passion.

I think if I’d have had access to ADHD meds back in high school (prescribed, as a result of being diagnosed) I’d have done much much better.