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Re: Do we tend ot be loners?

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I, like toofat, love social gatherings. Possibly for different reasons or in a slightly different way…..

I’m like a popcorn fart in a frying pan.

Popping from one little group to another, joking, laughing

having a great time. When the conversation gets stale, which usually happens pretty quickly after i shut up, I’m off to the next group.

Yep I’m a loner even in a crowd.

I love to hear myself talk, sometimes (most always) after the party, I replay in my mind over and over the clever little things I come up with..

Yep I’m a loner…..

And better yet, sometimes I prepare for an upcoming social event to the extent that I am planning and recording in

my mind what I will say in different situations and to each and every little “group”. You would really be surprised how many of my

pre-thought -out comments and statements I actually get to use…. Leave them laughing hysterically while I pop off to the next group.

That is If by the time the social event arrives, I still have the stamina to go after all my meticulous planning.

A small gathering, now that’s a different story…. Not my cup of tea at all… I can only excuse myself to the restroom so many times

without alarming someone…

Yep I’m a loner…..

Private friends, one-on-one? I think I do fine and I have several friends that I care a great deal about and would do anything for.

They (my friends) on the other hand think I don’t care, think I don’t put out the effort it takes to sustain a friendship or

they don’t see me as a friend at all. I never call “them”, I never initiate anything is the way they see it.

We became friends, we are friends, now why in the world do I have to keep doing things to prove it???

Yep, I’m a loner…………

As long as I’m in good company, (and i am) what else could matter?