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Re: Do we tend ot be loners?

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For me, this is just another one of those ADHD dichotomies that pisses me off. Pisses me off, because its hard to explain to others who do not have the condition. I would say that I’m a loner. But there are times when I love and need to be the center of attention. This confuses those around me. They wonder why this guy, who has the ability to bring down a Hall with laughter as an MC at a wedding with over 300 guests, would rather hang out by himself than chit chat with the guests individually. Weird eh? I can be on stage preforming to an audience…chatting with a group of hundreds, yet get me in front 3 or 4 people around a punch bowl, holding tiny crackers with tiny bits of cheese on them, and I’m looking to jump out of the nearest window.

I’ve been diagnosed ADHD over the last year and as I look back at behavior patterns, I see that at Christmas parties and Birthday parties, ect… I often find myself gravitating away from the others.

Sometimes, it’s because I’m really bored with idle chit chat. Other times, I feel inadequate with the person or group I’m speaking with. Like…they’ll find out I’m a Nub Nub. Other occasions, I get confused and fed up with listening and trying to understand nonsense. I have a low threshold for long and detailed explanations of ignorance and stupidity. Lots of regular “normal” people thrive in such discussions. grrrr

I like time spent alone. And I also like the juice of entertaining.

This made me laugh. Its George Carlin talking about boring people.

Check out… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyWsFfd9pqE