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Re: Do we tend ot be loners?

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High school is just plain hard! If you live in a large enough community get him involved w/music, volunteering, sports, chess, book club… Check-out http://www.meetup.com lots of different people & groups doing lots of different things. It may not improve his social life at school, but it could provide the desired sense of belonging. Also look into DeMolay, it’s a social/leadership/civic group for boys ages 12-21. My brother (super ADHD) got a lot out of it, & even enjoyed it! Boys his own age, camping, vounteering, parties… He only did it a few years, but 10 years later with a wife & two kids, I still see him using what he learned. http://www.demolay.org (for girls ages 11-20 http://www.gorainbow.org &/or http://www.iojd.org both focus on leadership & community service). The only reason I have any self-confidence at all talking to people is because of IORG (gorainbow.org) Other than band, these groups are the only things that got my brother & I through school.

Have a look, hope it helps.