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Re: Do we tend ot be loners?

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cork8695 I totally agree with you. I think it can be overwhelming in larger social groups. I tend to be the one that helps out with the work. to get out of the pressure of chatter.

Mind, as I am getting more comfortable with meds, i find I can have easier confersations. Today for example, I spoke with an aquantiance on the phone for 30minutes, that is more than I have spoken to her in the 30years I have know her.

It is enjoyable to feel this normal.

I do find I don.t do well in large groups. I tend to move around alot and if I am not helping , tend to leave early.

Markj….. you nailed it for me. challenge is to move around enough so that if you disappear cuz there isnt enough stimulation, nobody gets excited:)