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Re: Do we tend ot be loners?

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I think i appear to be a loner because the audio and visual stimulation of a lot of people overwhelms me. I am alone often due to a need to decompress from over stimulation. I love people and like to be with them. I am surprised by all the high schoolers who are my facebook friends and actually liked me in high school. I did not do well academically. There were times when I got all B’s and few As. Most of the time, it was a few B’s, and many C’s and D’s. But I was friendly, even though I did not participate in school activities. i was a police explorer so I could play with firearms though. I was good at hyperfocusing and painting alone. I had to learn to hyperfocus in an academic way in my final semester if I wanted to graduate. So, I learned. Then, I did great in college. I think being alone at times keeps me focused in the world.