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Re: Do you have Predominantly Inattentive Subtype ADD, too?

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I too have predominantly inattentive sub-type ADD. I cannot tolerate loud chaotic environments. I always heard in school that I didn’t apply myself, that I was a daydreamer, etc. I made passing grades but was pretty bored most of the time. I remember never being able to find my shoes in the morning and/or my books and homework. I hated school. Every single minute of it. The idea of going to college was absolutely out of the question. Working has not been easy either. As the lady above said, as long as I was not interrupted I did OK. Must have been hyper focused on my project. I worked for 25 years in the legal field as a legal assistant. I would have liked to work more with our clients but pretty much just typed all day — except when that pesky phone would ring and interrupt me!

Does anyone out there have problems with math? I have never ever balanced my checkbook. I have no interest in it — at all. Anything that has to do with numbers or math I completely ignore. I do however love to write. Spelling was always easy for me and the written word is fascinating. Now, don’t ask me what a pronoun is or ask me to diagram a sentence, but I am a great story teller!

I still need to work but I sure would rather not. The thought of going into an office again makes me crazy. I have tried retail, but there is that ever present math situation. I’m great with the people, but the detail work — well, not so much. I have attempted many, many businesses of my own. I have a wealth of ideas. However, once I get things started and the routine sets in, I’m pretty much done. NEXT! Would that fit in under not finishing projects? Oh yes, and I have quite a yarn collection myself — unfinished projects abound.

Is anyone else out there dealing with depression along with this? Is it part of the diagnosis of ADD?

Would love to hear/see your responses. We certainly are all in this together and it’s actually kinda cool knowing there are plenty of others out there like me!

Thanks to all.